Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms are becoming more popular as people like to make more use of the space they have outside their home but within the boundary of their gardens. They can be attached to the home or be a free standing building. We can provide all types of garden rooms, built by one of our own builders in a variety of styles to suit all tastes. Whether it’s for a children’s play area, or for use as an office, or just that extra living space, we can provide you with a complete service.


Orangeries are becoming more popular as people like something a bit more than a conservatory. Although they are very similar, an orangery usually is built to be made to look more like an extension with lots of windows! In most cases, they have more brickwork than a conservatory and are usually made with similar brickwork as what the house is built with. However some are all built entirely of glass! They can also come with a variety of roofs, from a tiled Skyline Roof to a complete glass one.

Why have a Garden Room?

  • Excellent Thermal Performance
  • Adds Property Value
  • More Space
  • Enhances Natural Light
  • Enjoy your Garden

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